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Welcome to Nexus Capital Partners LLC

At Nexus, we provide business brokerage services tailored to your business needs.If you need to sell or buy a business, we are here to help you. Nexus is constantly building links tha help connect buyers and sellers in a virtual global network?. At Nexus we respect your privacy and we maintain the confidentiality of your personal and business information.

Buy a Business

Are you looking to invest in an already profitable business or in a failing business for a turn around oportunity?

At what business stage do you feel more comfortable investing?

Do you have industry experience or do you need help in becoming familiar with the type of business?

Do you have enough funds to buy a business and cover operating expenses until it starts generating enough cash flow to keep the business running?

Do you need financing assistance from seller or the SBA?

These are some of the questions a buyer should ask and answer before starting the process of buying a business.

Sell a Business

If one of the following situations applies to you:

-You are planning retirement.

-The daily business routine has become boring and you need change.

-You have a new business interest.

-You no longer have time to dedicate to the business.

-You have changed your mind about passing the business to your kids.

-Your kids are not interested in continuing to run your business when you retire.

We at Nexus can help you. To start, we can provide you with a free valuation of your business.