Sell a Business

If one of the following situations applies to you:

-You are planning retirement.

-The daily business routine has become boring and you need change.

-You have a new business interest.

-You no longer have time to dedicate to the business.

-You have changed your mind about passing the business to your kids.

-Your kids are not interested in continuing to run your business when you retire.

We at Nexus can help you. To start, we can provide you with a free valuation of your business.


When selling a business, a great deal of sensitive operational and financial information is shared with the prospective buyer.

It is important to take the steps necessary to maintain the confidentially of your information

That is why we will not provide any information until the buyer has signed a confidentiality agreement.


Business owners are too busy running their own business. Selling a business is a complex  process. From the business valuation, to the pricing of the listing, and the targeted advertising to reach the right a pool of qualified buyers.

When an offer is presented, it requires the broker participation to help with negotiations until an offer is accepted.

During the Due Diligence period, a broker coordinates with other professionals to help clear all contingencies and close the sale.